First independence – then aim for the sky

Roz Paterson, co-author of Restless Land, explains why she’s one of the 50,000 who joined the SNP in the aftermath of the referendum.

Before: Standing on Inverness High Street, flanked on all sides by saltires and YES placards, in the midst of a crowd that stretched further than I could see, the shout went up. Ragged at first, but firming up quickly, “Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” Old people, shop-workers, kids, hippies, prosperous middle-aged couples, that man that does the jewellery, students…”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!” The surge of crowd energy was palpable, the air felt charged, even the saltire-blue sky seemed to collude…”Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!”

After: I woke my nine-year old daughter in the morning after a night in which I didn’t sleep. I said, sorry, it was No. She said, crestfallen, does that mean we have to keep the nuclear weapons? The sky was still dark, four days till the autumnal equinox and then the descent into winter.

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